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About Me

Andrés Goñi Huneeus was born in 1983, in Santiago, Chile. In 2008 he graduated as an architect from the Universidad Finis Terrae, Chile. He then continued on at Universidad Finis Terrae as a professor in Design and Architecture nowadays.

As a self-taught photographer, he has specialized in architectural photography, landscapes, portraits and social events.

In May 2010 he participated in the photography collective exhibition «Mujeres Choras» by Roberto Edwards, which was held as part of the exhibition «Chileans recycled in the Bicentennial» (James Gray Gallery, Santa Monica, California). His photography was also included in the book «Beyond Modernist Masters: Contemporary Architecture in Latin America» by Felipe Hernández, published in December 2009 by Birkhäuser Verlag, among other works he has realized.

He lived in Vancouver, Canada for almost two years and now he moved back to Santiago, Chile where he work both as a photographer as an architect.

Take a look at the work for Territorio Compartido